Gustav Klimt Drawings

Gustav Klimt: “I can paint and draw. There is no self-portrait of myself. I am not interested in my own person – more in other people, females. […] I paint day by day from morning to night – figurative paintings and landscapes, less often portraits. Already when I should write a simple letter I get frightened like of imminent seasickness. Those who want to know more about me shall observingly regard my paintings, and try to realize who I am and what I want.“

Painted composition draft Jusisprudenz 1898 Fishblood 1898 Study for Philosophy 1899 Two Studies of Sitting Nudes 1902 Reclining Nude Lying on Her Stomach and Facing Right 1910
Standing Woman in Kimono (Dame im Kimono) 1918 Adele Bloch-Bauer 1912 Kneeling Male Nude With Sprawled Out Arms, Male Torso Female Nude Portrait of a man heading left
Schreitender Madchenakt 1906 Schwebender Frauenakt 1897 Sechs Skizzen einer frontal stehenden Figur 1911 Sitzende alte Frau im Profil nach links 1906 Sitzende von vorn 1909
Porträt einer sitzenden Dame mit Boa 1916 Madchenakt 1902 Mädchen mit langen Haaren 1898